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AMBACOIN GUIDER | Treasury Representatives in every City and Towns around the World

2nd Batch Limited Number, 002  Guider Training 15th to 30th of March 2019


Your primary responsibility is to host funded local events organised for  Ambazonians in diaspora and Ground Zero to receive training about the AmbaCoin cryptocurrency,

Our team of experts will train you on how to use the AmbaCoin ICO Cabinet, Mobile App and Ethereum Wallets and how to import your AMBA Tokens.

Guiders will also help our communities to register, collect contributions or assist as they try to make payments.

You will be trained on:

  • AmbaCoin ICO Cabinet Management
  • Ethereum Blockchain and usage
  • AmbaCoin Mobile Apps
  • The Treasury and it role in the Ambazonia Quest for Freedom
  • Events Management
  • Basic Cyber Security
  • Liaison Officer

To join the first batch of guiders, please click the button below: Limited Space Available.

Successful Guiders will get funding for event activities and training sessions.


The Ambazonia people need all the support to assist the suffering masses who bleed everyday under the brutal regime of French Cameroon. We the guiders of AmbaCoin are trained to help you safely acquire the AmbaCoin, load AMBAs on your AmbaCoin Mobile App and give you expert advice on how to resell or keep as an AmbaBond. We pledge our time, skills and dedication in serving the People of Ambazonia.