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AmbaCoin is a decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency for the New Nation Ambazonia. The AMBA ICO is a Government Bond Smart Contract
backed by the Rich Natural Resources in the territory, and a Buy-Back policy by the Post Independent Ambazonian Treasury that is supported by all political parties of Ambazonia.

AmbaCoin is a promissory contract between the International Community and the Post Independent Ambazonian Government. All sales of the AmbaCoin will be directed to fund the Ambazonian Cause, to assist Refugees & Internally Displaced Persons, to rebuild homes destroyed by occupying military forces, and to defend communities from the repressive regime of La Republique Du Cameroun.

The People of Ambazonia has created AmbaCoin a tradeable digital token that can be used as a currency, a representation of an asset, a virtual share, a proof of patriotic citizenship





The AmbaCoin is a Lender Not a Leader.  A group of Southern Cameroons scholars and technocrats who spent 9 months with 23 developers across the globe working day and night to build a Blockchain Technology for The Ambazonia Treasury

The Treasury is a yet another group of bureaucrats perceived as being concerned with procedural correctness, they run the Treasury and determine how all funding from across the world will be channeled to Ground Zero (Ambazonia) efficiently to produce results.

They are not affiliated with any group or political organisations.  Their Identities are highly classified state information, but their action is publicly transparent to all Ambazonians.

A Third independent group is the Anti-Corruption Unit in charge to monitor all transactions, approve funding request from groups that shows proof of work and pass their audits.  All groups are welcome to solicit for funds from the treasury.



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